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There are many special moments in our lives. They may be in events, life changing situations, and many more. Whatever the situation is, we always want to make the best use of it. The event should be well set up and we want maximum comfort for the people of the day. People have creative ways of doing so and a limo ride is something that we always look to. However, there are bigger and higher ways to do so. A helicopter ride for Pittsburgh special events can be a great way to mark them. 

Vortex Helicopter Services is the team that you can rely on for special event rides in Pittsburgh. We take joy when people make strides in life and we boost your leap by taking it to the air. Special events should be unforgettable and nothing can make it better than doing it with a helicopter ride. We are looking forward to making your time and event memorable. Call us today!

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A Wide Range of Uses

A thing that people may ask is what can qualify as a Pittsburgh special event. With us, anything memorable to you counts. Our helicopter rides can be used for a wide range of uses. Here are some of the reasons that you may want to get a helicopter ride for special events.

In-Flight Proposals and Baby Showers

Making a proposal is life changing and one of the happiest moments of a person. It is also very frightening. One needs to be creative with their proposal and we are here to give you one of the best proven ways to make a proposal. Show the heights of your love by having a planned in-flight proposal done with us. We will work with your ideas and make it one of the best surprises you will ever pull for your loved one.

Another thing that people have taken to making very memorable is baby showers and gender reveals. These are special moments in a person’s life and you can cement it by using a helicopter to make it happen. We have many ideas and are open to yours for these events. Vortex Helicopter Services exists to make your events memorable and feel as they are, very special.

Personal Transport to Events

The special events in our lives usually occur in special places. The venue that you have booked is a place that you will have to travel to and there is no better way to get there that in air. Whether you are going to a party, a wedding, prom, we are here to get you there. We are an affordable team and we want to make your moments unforgettable.

Do it In Style

Whenever you are doing anything, you should make sure you do it in style. When you are having a special event that needs transportation, Vortex Helicopter Services is the team you will want with you. We can help you do your event in style and we will get you there in good time. Contact us any time for any inquiries.

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